Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Being a part of Blogger world is an awesome experience. I am meeting some wonderful people and some precious brothers and sisters in Christ. I write my 3 blogs because God moves me to do so. It is by His grace and mercy that I live and breathe.

One of my brother's in Christ, Stan Butler @ According To The Book honored me by awarding me and 14 others out of his 700+ followers with The Versatile Blogger award. Thank you, Stan, and God bless you richly. Now it's my turn to share this award with 15 of my followers who follow one or more of my three blogs: Inside the Shrink, Daily Grace, and Psychobabble. This is not going to be easy. I value each and every one of my followers and readers.

The rules for this award are that when you receive this award, you must share seven things about yourself and then pass it on to fifteen blog's (that's a lot) you've recently discovered you enjoy! So here goes the seven things about myself:

1) God Almighty is 1st in my life. I am a born again, Spirit filled Christian and have been since July 1975. My desire is to share the Gospel with all I meet and to have them know Him as their Saviour.

2) I treasure my family: My husband of 24 years, my 2 sons and their wives, my 3 step-children and their spouses, my 9 step-grandchildren, my soon to arrive grandson (August 5th), and my 2 great-step-granchildren.

3) I am a Missouri licensed Clinical Psychologist and practice as a Christian Psychologist. God called me to this work at the age of 15. Every day is like having church in my office. Praise God.

4) I am an aspiring and inspired writer. I have 4 WIPS (works in progress). 1. A one-year devotional of Daily Grace  2 & 3: Christian non-fiction "How To Overcome Adveristy" and "Walking In the Aftermath of Reaping What Should Have Never Been Sown." 4. Christian stories for children that I co-author with my precious friend.

5) I crave and cling to the Word of God. I study and read the Bible every day. My prayer life is a consant ongoing conversation with the Lord.

6) I am in love with my 4 year old little female ShihTzu, Indivi (short for individual). I love every dog. I am a dog lover. I understand dogs. They like me. That's just the way it is.

7) I love getting out on the lake in our boat during the warm months. I love writing and reading. I have crocheted for over 30 years now. (I had to teach myself because I'm left handed.) I enjoy music and singing. I am 5'10" tall and have natural curly blonde hair (ok, I get it hightlighted). I am so blessed. God is so awesome!

Here are the fifteen blog's that I nominate for this award!
Right click on the award... Save picture as...then "copy and paste" to your blog.

1.   Patty Ann

2.   Alleluiabelle

3.   Triumphant Victorious Reminders

4.   DeanO

5.   Steve

6.   Velvet Over Steel


8.  Doris Plaster

9.  Jack Foster

10. Lynda Young

11. Steve Hawley

12. Deb

13. Elaine Jany Barbanti

14. Grandma L

15. Roland D. Yeomans


Debbie(single;complicated) said...

thank you for stopping my to see me! look forward to knowing you more...

sarah said...

you have an awesome spirit....and your love for HIm shines..Stay Him.

Sonja said...

I'm so glad you came by! It lead me over here to your very beautiful blog pages. What wonderful sharing. I've enjoyed my visit and I'll be back!



Lenny said...

i like knowing more about you. i could see how much you love god. i do too.

arlee bird said...

In 1969 I started at the University of Tennessee with a major in psychology, but changed my major to English after a couple years. I became rather disillusioned with the field of pschology. At the time I did not realize there was something like Christian psychology. I was picturing myself like Freud or something and no longer liked what I saw. Sounds like you are in an interesting field.

LeeTossing It Out

RCUBEs said...

Congratulations. I have been busy and not able to visit as much and I came by to see what you had posted. With no idea that you are sharing this gift with me [us]. Thank you. It's great to know more about you and I pray that the Lord will continue to guide you with His divine wisdom and empower you to do this special ministry for His glory. "Be strong in the Lord's mighty power!". God bless you.

Vatche said...

Cool post, I learned a lot about you in those seven things. Congrats to the winners of the blog award and of course to you. Write on and God bless!

Anonymous said...

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