Sunday, January 11, 2015


Why do I pray for God to move mountains in my life that overwhelm and scare me? Jesus told His disciples that even if they use a tiny dab of the faith they have been given, they could speak to mountains and they will move out of the way! I've been going about it all wrong. Matthew 17:20 states that I  cannot just sit and pray, "Lord, come fix this for me," then just wait anxiously hoping He will do something soon. He has told me that I am to use the faith He has given me to move these mountains in my way. Of course, the Lord isn't saying, "Bobbi, you're on your own on this one, I'm too busy." He is saying, "Bobbi, I am your Power. Rely totally on me, step out, be open to follow my leading, and start moving that mountain."

I may have to get on that mountain and start moving it with a teaspoon, but with every spoonful, the mountain has moved further than the teaspoonful before. This tells me that at times my efforts will seem small and pointless. At other times I will be elated at the progress. As long as I move the mountain out of obedience, that mountain will move. My Lord said so.

So, I will grow and learn to enjoy the huge task of moving mountains. It is like taking a journey. I can't keep focusing on the destination, I have to take in the scenery, the beautiful things and the sad things of life along the way. This is what will make me grow and become more like my Lord. Maybe I will find someone along the way that hasn't quite caught on about mountain moving yet and I can let them come along in my journey. Maybe I will come across someone who has moved many mountains and will show grace to me by teaching me.

Regardless, I have the rest of my life to move the mountains of living in this world. The Lord will keep me on task. And, I will have my teaspoon handy, just in case.

Bobbi J. Craigmyle, Psy.D. 01/11/2015Matthew 17:20