Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Noah's Ark Baby Afghan

Among other things I have been an avid crocheter for 35 years. This is one of my latest projects. It is a single crochet baby afghan with the Noah's Ark theme. It was fun doing this afghan for my little granson who was born on July 3rd this year.

My biggest challenge with crocheting is that I am left handed. It took me forever to learn to even chain. All my "teachers" were right handed and the directions are all for right handed people. I finally had my sister-in-law sit across from me and I just mirrored what she did. I caught on almost instantly and I just took off from there. While all you right handers are crocheting from right to left, I'm going from left to right. It all works out in the end.

My next project after I finish 5 tie blankets, is crocheting a rug from old T-shirts. If you want to know how to do that here is the web site to show you how.  http://www.craftstylish.com/item/39345/how-to-crochet-a-rug-out-of-t-shirts

After working 11-12 hours a day at my clinic, this is a great way to relax and still be productive. I'd love to connect with blogs of others who have some crafty ideas. God bless you all,


LV said...

First of all, I was delighted you dropped by for a visit. I do not recall being on your blog before. Course, I do have my senior moments. Really enjoyed your post and blog. I love all crochet work, but never learned to do it. I have some and use it all the time. It is wonderful you can do it left-handed. I joined your other friends as a follower. Seeing what your profession is, I may need you.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Bobbi Jo! Thanks so much for stopping in to say hello, and for the lovely comment you left. :) ...
Your blanket is just gorgeous. I love the colors you used and the design too. What beautiful crochet you do! So nice to meet you. Have a wonderful day! ;) Paulette

Anonymous said...

i love the colors on this special grand~baby afghan...i crocheted years ago...then i did mini quilts, now i make greeting cards.
when i visit with my daughter or sister i see evidence of what i did years ago...sometimes i don't recognize it...and when i say "that's nice" my sister says "yea, you made it" :D


Dee said...

Beautiful work...I have never tried to crochet, it looks very complicated. I did not do well at knitting. I have a friend who design's and sells crochet doll dresses and does very well.

Brian Ray Todd said...

Dr. Bobby, I am not crafty, but my wife is. She has impared vision but makes beaded braclets with the vision that she does have and sells them. Since you like crafty ideas and people, check out her website at www.hep-zibah.com (and leftys rock).

Joey said...

I love it! I crochet scarves, but at the moment, my Welsh Corgi puppy has prevented me from doing that. My grandmother was left handed, and she taught me to crochet. Everything I crochet is backwards. She just laughed so hard at everything I made. I still crochet backwards, and think of her.

I'm going to start gathering up T-shirts! I love the rug idea.

Thank you, Bobbi!