Sunday, May 10, 2009


Martha Owano Clayton
June 18, 1912 - December 31, 1993

My mom whispers from Heaven:"My child, my Spirit is calm,

No more tears or pain, I´m floating in Eden.

I´m holding the Father´s hand."I am sitting by the Lord.

He is with His Majesty at His Throne.

This place is all Lights, beyond Stars.

It´s Heaven, just like when you were born.

I miss you, my child!!
I´d like to wipe your tears away,

For we´ll see each other, one day.

So, no more tears, I should say.

From the daybreak of birth,

To the frontier of death,

You and I had the Bond of belonging.

My child, my heart sparkles a sense of longing,

Since the last time I saw your eyes.

Golden songs, bright Angels play.

The moonlight reflects upon the bay.

The gentle breeze softly touches the trees.

The morning dew moistens the leaves.

The majestic views of God´s Creation

Are all at my feet.

I´ll be here, when you and I´d meet.

Until then, I´ll be gone in the mist.

My Mother´s name,

The impeccable virtues of a living cell

Is a mystic, potent spell,

From which melancholy rests.

For you is my poem, my gentle-hearted Mother,

With your inner-being full of dreams.

Your voice: no sound was softer, no brighter moonbeam.

From life to colourful rainbows,

Are gleaming in Lands to Win.

Mom gazed idly once, waiting for me.

Looking back, I remember with tears.

You see...I miss her!!

My poignant grief
Reaches her deep celestial life

Departed from affection

In her Earthly strife.

Her place is now an empty space

Filled with flourishing memories of her sweet face.

My Mother was the best collection

Of all poems, songs and flowers.

My words fall short for her adoration.

She rests with Heavenly Wings and Blessings Showers.

My Mom whispers from Heaven:

"My child, my Spirit is calm,

No more tears or pain,

I´m floating in Eden.

I´m holding the Father's hands."

Author: Stardust. Written 2-23-2007.