Friday, May 8, 2009


The storms moved quickly through the entire southwest Missouri area this morning. Many rotations, tornadoes, and lots of rain. We are quite accustomed to this kind of weather here in the Ozarks, but it still puts us on the alert. I quickly make an inventory of the small things I would want to make sure didn't get destroyed if we were hit by a tornado. Of course my husband and I will keep our little Indivi in our arms. Our cell phones are charged and in our pocket. We moved pillows and blankets to our inner hallway. My purse with medications, shoes, flashlight, and our Bibles. We have come to respect mother nature and her random fury. But we trust in the Lord to keep us safe in His arms. We pray that everyone is safe and the destruction is minimal. There is nothing more important than our loved ones.


"The Othermother" said...

Bobbi I would like to see your other blogs..can you link me thanks