Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Long before I knew I was getting this little dog, I wrote down a description of my dream dog. It would be a small breed, non-shedding, female, black and white. A dear friend of mine has a registered Shihtzu who was to have a litter and I told her I wanted one of the puppies. They were born on August 7, 2006. When they were 2 weeks old, my friend brought the pups to my office in a box. There were 4 of them. 2 males and 2 females. They were all light tan except 1 female was black and white. I reached in the box, scooped her up, and she was mine. The name Indivi is short for "individual." We call her Indi unless she's in trouble.

It didn't take long for Indivi to fit right in to our lifestyle and daily routine. We bought a "doggie door" and she was house broke within a month. She has a very playful personality, loving people and other animals. The world is her playground. She adores my husband and has bonded mainly to him. That works for me because she gives me lots of attention too. Indivi is just such a huge part of our lives and has given our lives that added touch of spice.

That's our girl, Indivi!!!!