Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yesterday morning was one of those normal mornings. After my 3rd cup of coffee I gathered myself together and trotted off to the shower.

Let me backtrack just a bit. Over the weekend I had put together several Daily Grace devotions and one of them was using the scripture from Psalm 118:24, "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." In the devotion I talked about how this day is a gift and there are many who did not receive the gift of today. Because we have the gift of today, we can experience many new things and watch the wonderful working of God. That is certainly something to be happy about.

Back to my shower story: As I was stepping out of the shower I looked at myself in the huge wall sized mirror that hangs over my vanity. As usual, my initial response is "ugh." Looking at my 60 year old body sort of does something to the female ego inside me and it isn't good.

But something was different this day as I looked at my time worn body. I began to feel greatful that I was healthy. I can walk, get in the floor with the grandchildren, use both my hands and arms. All five senses work and I have fairly good use of my brain and thought processes. Most of all, I have the Lord to guide me and protect me.

After thinking these things, which took only a few moments, I began to thank the Lord for that 60 year old body I was looking at in the mirror. I had been putting down this body for so long because it didn't look like the body it did 40 years ago. The Lord brought the devotion from Psalm to my mind and instead of saying, "Ugh!" I spoke out loud, "This is the body that Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad with it."

I can't begin to describe the burden that lifted off me and the blessing and joy I felt as I realized what a gift I have. No, I'm not going to be seeking a chance to be America's next top model, but I'm going to give what I have back to the Lord in service and rejoice in what He has given to me.


Clint said...

Just a beautiful sentiment. Yes---let us rejoice and be thankful in what He has given us, and not in what the world might admire.

Blessings---thanks for sharing.

misslynda said...

Our pastor has commented in a sermon, "Do you want to know if God has a sense of humor? Just look in the mirror." He pokes fun at himself at times because he is shorter than he would like, has a few extra pounds, and is not getting younger.
I turn 60 this month and tell myself that I could look worse but I could still look better. I, too, count my blessings of fairly good health.

Mya said...

I get tired of the wrinkles and the body that refuses to firm-up regardless of the exercises I put it through; but at my age I am glad that I still have the ability to take care of myself, and be of use to others. I know that could change at any moment - well, actually for anybody - so I am grateful for another day, but I still do not like the wrinkles.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

:) I came over for Spiritual Sunday and enjoyed this article as well. With an almost-60-year-old body that has a mind of its own in regards to metabolism and oreo cookies, I could so relate! And both your words and the cute picture put such a smile on my face. I'm headed off to get ready for church and will choose to join you in praising God for the body He as given me. It may have aches and pains, but many I know have much worse. And, like you, I can still play with grandkids, including tag in good weather and Wii sports baseball and tennis in bad - what a blessing! Thank you for the lovely smile and the great devotionals. Have a blessed day!

Jan said...

Yes, some good thoughts here.