Sunday, April 18, 2010


I snagged this from a blog I stumbled on. It is full of emotion, sadness and hope. Credit given to the author at the end.

As I sit in silence wondering why

Everyone's left me here to cry

I'm filled with so much deep emotion

Not knowing what caused so much commotion

Everything happens so very fast

But something is here that will surely last

Words that have been sorely spoken

Too many times a heart been broken

Deep within the walls of home

I find myself very much alone

For things must change, I'm at wits end

Slowly crying without a friend

For deep within the walls of home

I find myself very much alone

I love my children but they can't see

How very much they're a part of me

I carry with me their love at heart

For my children are the most important part

Of my life each day as I go on

Remembering what's come and gone

My children are so very dear

But as I think I shed a tear

For they do not know what lies ahead

They only know what's in their head

They only see from within their eyes

They only hear despite my cries

What they want to hear

And it's not clear

We try to plan and guide them through

With the best that we know how to do

But somehow that's just not enough

For life can be so very tough

Tough to keep up with all the rest

Tough to do our very best

Tough to strive and play the part

Tough to keep within the heart

The bond of family as it should be

Strong and loving for all to see

But I am saddened because today

That bond of family has led astray

Parents and children fighting each other

Sister to sister, brother to brother

To think that we are doing our best

But our hearts never seem to get any rest

Constantly worrying what will come next

In a time that's too short and very complex

I worry for the family

I worry what will become of me

I worry that time's slipping by

I'm saddened when the children cry

Because we need to change our ways

And be more loving with each new day

We need to be small kindred souls

Within a world of deep, dark holes

Renew your faith, please do it now

For God is here to show you how

Please take his hand and walk the mile

For his generous love and rewarding smile

He will guide you through life's deepest trials

He'll carry you through your many denials

Acknowledge that God's there for you

Please speak his Word and love him too.

Written by: Alleluiabelle (N.C.)

Summer 1997


Kelly said...

That's so beautiful.

North Jersey Christian Writers Group said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

And thanks for stopping by Eternity Cafe and leaving your encouraging words.

As for a Christian agent, I'm not an expert. I do follow the blog of Rachelle Gardner, who is a wonderful agent and now represents a dear friend of mine. On her blog are links to other agents and lots of helpful info. You can find her at:

Hope that helps!
Many blessings,

Alleluiabelle said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog with your kind comments. All of my poems and entire contents on my blog Humble As I Go are copyrighted. I am honored that you have posted my poem "As I Site In Silence" here. As you can see I wrote it 13 years ago and my hope in posting it on my blog site the other day was that it would touch someone out there. I hope that it will touch someone in some way reading here as well.

I have become a follower of this site tonight. I would be honored if you decided to become a follower of mine as well. I'm going to hop on over and check out your other blogs sites too.

Again, thank you for posting my poem here.


Alleluiabelle said...

There is a typo in my title, it should say, "As I Sit In Silence"

hawapanas said...

please visit

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. I related to the part about worrying about one's children. I have to rely on God's strength for that.

Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know what books have really changed you. I found it interesting that you mentioned Joyner because it is one of his books that has really touched me.

Also, I've done the Beth Moore study, Why Godly People do Ungodly Things. That study has really put me on guard to the Enemy's seduction of Christians who are trying to live for God.

Have a great night!

Gregg Metcalf said...

I have tried to leave comments on the last couple of posts but for some reason was able to. This seems to be working now, I hope you get this - thank you for your kind words and comments. I, too appreciate you and enjoy reading your posts and am honored and humble that first you read mine, and second you make such wonderful comments. May God bless you today!

Sr Crystal Mary said...

How heartwrenching and beautiful!!
May God Bless Alleluiabelle and keep them close to him always.
God bless your day.