Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was sitting at my computer last night and an email came through the same time my phone rang. Both messages from my credit card bank. They had detected suspicious activity. I talked with a representative on the phone who gave me the charge that was in question. Sure enough, it was a fraud. The charge was listed as being made to I looked that site up. What a scam! It is so frustrating to try and shop on line at a site you have used over and over, has the "https" that is supposed to show us its safe and then this happens.

Here we go again. Our credit card is cancelled again and we have to wait for new cards. We are going to take advantage of a free program with our bank called ShopSafe. Each time you make an online purchase, we will be given a new number that is tied to our credit card but only the bank knows that.

If this happens again, my shopping will be by phone to the company instead of by internet. What a hassle!


Anonymous said...

I too received an email from my c/c company regarding a supposed fraudulant charge - no doubt. fraud fraud fraud. How did they get my information???? I never even went on that website!!!